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Personal commentaries by students and staff attending the trip as well as updated trip information.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

show day to safari - from julian

the show was awesome! i can't believe we did it! we were getting worried because we only taught the kids half the show (mainly a lot of songs, the ghanese Aids dance, and Lion King animals). we wanted to teach them more, but we didn't want to put too much pressure on them because they had never dance and put on a show before. also, we couldn't teach them on wednesday because we got ill. the actual show day was crazy! we went in a room and learned a quick, hour version of the show with formations and staging, all in one day!! then we did the show and it was AWESOME! it was so cool that we were able to put it together all in one day!

after partying with the kids from the orphanage, we set out on safari. the first day was all about the giraffes. the second day was all about zebras. the third day was all about elephants! it was cool riding in the land rover because there were a lot of bumps which made us bounce around and fly in the air. i also learned that elephants are crazy and have a lot of attitude. don't be near them when they start going crazy. i have a lot of stories to tell you guys when we get back home. but you'll just have to wait to hear about the crazy elephants.



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