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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Show - From Arianna

what can i say, it was fantastic! i have to admit at first, i was a little uncertain about how the show was going to turn out. but of course, CP pulled it off. when we first got to the orphanage, the kids were all in church. there church was so astounding. they all looked like they were having so much fun! we all wanted to join, but of course, no time. we had to set up all the costumes, props, and have a little dress rehearsal. finally, it was time to give the other kids their costumes. they were so excited. when it came to showtime, i was so nervous. but once it started, i was fine. the kids did a phenomenal job! all the doctors told us how moved they were! after the show we packed up all the costumes and then went outside to talk to the children and doctors. then they called us into a separate room for a reception. but, instead of eating the food they had prepared for us, Mr. Billy came up with a better idea...he decided to get all the kids that were in the show and let THEM eat the food! they were so happy! and then we got sad because it was time to say our "goodbyes." it was so hard. i felt like i've grown so close to them in just those couple of hours we spent together. i know that each and every one of their smiles will always be remembered in my heart. and hopefully, they will always keep us in theirs. i will miss their smiles and never forget them.



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