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Personal commentaries by students and staff attending the trip as well as updated trip information.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

SAFARI - from sara

when they mean safari, they meant SAFARI!!! we were on our way to lake manyara, you were surrounded by trees. it was lush. we saw babboons. it was sooo cool to see them in packs and to see the babies holding on to their mothers. all of us were standing in the car. you could see everything from up top. we saw giraffes eating. i believe there was a male and female with their baby with them. they were distant, but we still saw them. they are beautiful and graceful creatures when they walk. we saw blue monkeys as well. man, they are tiny. but their tails are long. we saw some of them fight. the way they talk is so high pitched. it kinda hurts your ears! we saw elephants. they were gi-normous! they were in herds. there were babies as well...oh, sooo cute! we saw skin of an animal, but we didn't know what kind of animal it was. the skeleton was scattered everywhere. the second safari we went to was at the ngorongoro crater. i almost we forgot to mention we got to stand in the land rover to see. we kept bumping into eachother. it was so much fun but i believe we have bruises. the crater was so beautiful as if it was a movie. on the way up to the crater, we saw a lot of trees with a thick layer of fog. we stopped at the top to look down into the crater, and the fog cleared. it made you want to cry it was that beautiful. you could see lakes and trees and grass forever! we saw a lot of zebras, wildebeats, hyeanas, flamingos, and a few lions. the next two days we went to tarangire natl. park. there were herds of elephants anywhere we went. we finally saw 2 full grown lions with manes. the next day we saw a herd of elephants scare 16 lions and cubs out of their hiding. it was like "animal planet."

miss and love you all.


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