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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, 12/02/09 - from sara

today was an extraordinary day - joyfulness, giving, communicating, and growing up. we did everything today including what we were supposed to do yesterday while we were sick. two days work all in one! visited two schools today. performed for them and gave them all a smile once again. there is so much discipline in the schools. so much respect. maybe we should take in all they do here and take it to practice in the u.s. maybe our schools and generations would not be so in trouble with our lack of acceptance of one another and see eachother as a threat, but as a friend. we did four home visits today!! all of them amazing people. one house was a maasai's house. he had a beautiful family. to be honest, i fear that if i smile they would think i'm making fun of them, which i'm not. i've just come to a point of not worrying about it anymore and will continue to smile for the kids. mr. billy told me to smile and now i understand why!

today i held a baby named sara! she was so precious. she was the fourth born of the family. i tried to make her smile cuz i opened my arms and my heart to her. we had a moment and that moment was remarkable!

we went to the orphanage and taught there. man, did i have fun!! we got there and set up and we had time to mingle...so cheyenne and i did. the girls there are so funny. i really didn't know what to expect, but hey, they are fun gals! soon after, it was time to teach. julian and i got the big girls. we taught the punda (zebra) dance from our "lion king" number. they learned it faster than expected. once the teaching was over, everyone did it. it was really unbelievable to see kids who haven't had any dance training to learn so quickly and to do all the steps so well...me and mr. billy both taught a dance. i could actually say with confidence i did a pretty darn good job!!! at times i couldn't breathe but he you gotta do what you gotta do :-) it was so funny cuz i couldn't hear them say "yes" in swahilli, so i would say "yes" in swahilli and we ended up yelling back and forth to eachother. we all screamed! we came back to the lodge and went swimming for a while and associated with the doctors and nurses. i found out tanzania has a gorgeous gem. one of the doctors bought one. it's a blue stone called tanzanite!!

today we had a team cpsoa tanzania meeting. it was pretty intense. yes, i do have a lot of growing up to do. yes, i have a lot to take responsbility for. i was waiting for this trip to show me what i need to take responsibility in and what i need to do in life. mr. billy told us we have to grow up and be mature. this is the time and day i need to open my eyes and be an adult! i'm bringing back responsibility and maturity back to america!!!

love, sara

p.s. i miss every single one of you! x0x0x0


  • At February 14, 2009 at 1:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hey sars! amazing what you're doing there! i'm really proud of you, and i'm not just sayin that. it's crazy, all the things that have been going on, here and over there. i kinda miss you, haha no i really miss you. hope to hear more frm you.

  • At February 14, 2009 at 4:25 PM , Blogger LULU said...

    hi baby girl

    i am still growing up, it takes a lifetime girl. the most important thing sara is that you learn from each experience whether it is bad, good, or major intense.
    Sara start walking look back and say goodbye then walk forward knowing what you did your best. As a mother that is all I ask for.

    Today is Valentines Day, Martin's grandma is making a special dinner for us. She is call it a day to celebrate love.

    Miss you sooooo much squishy hug baby!


  • At February 14, 2009 at 9:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Miss Sara
    You never finish going up; life is a whole experience and this moment in your life is another stepping stone to maturity and responsibility. Know in your heart that what you are doing is great and life-changing for you and for all those who cross your path in Tanzania. Happy Valentine's day!

    "Tia" Elsa <3

  • At February 15, 2009 at 12:32 PM , Blogger aviance&anise said...

    Hey guys. We are are keeping up with your adventures. When we read your comments, it truly sounds like you are having an amazing adventure. We can't wait to have you all home and hear about how you have touched the lives of everyone you have met. Take care and be safe. Love, The Contreras Family


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