CPSOA's Project: Tanzania II

Personal commentaries by students and staff attending the trip as well as updated trip information.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

safari - from arianna

the safari is one thing that i will remember forever! everywhere we travelled was beautiful in its own special way. seeing the animals so free was the best part! it's much different than seeing them in the zoo. they looked so graceful and free it was unbelieveable. we saw lots of zebras and when the flies land on them, their skin twitches. we decided that they looked like great "poppers!" the most graceful animal would have to be the giraffe. the most interesting animal to watch, though, would have to be the elephant. they're just so smart. and of course, in my opinion would have to be the cheetah! safari was just great over all and the views were to die for!!

i'm sure going to miss this place.



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