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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back in America-sara

hey everybody its Sara =],The welcome back party at the airport was speechless, thank you all for coming to the airport it meant alot to me and to the team. It felt so different to be back here, I'm so use to having nature surrounding me, and to have the clean air smell. I looked around me, and had one to many thoughts going on in my head. For instance, the noises that the cars were making, hardly anyone had cars in Arusha and no smog coming out of them, the US people, having to be so cautious and worrying about themselves and no one else, etc. I saw my mother and grandmother greeting me with compassion, it took me back to when I greeted the children with an open heart and mind with their stories, as well as my mom and granny did. Driving in the car felt very awkward, there was no bumps on the road, and no one honking and screaming at one another, but here there is so much of it. I was so use to having Cheyenne by my side with me always and to know she is not with me everyday is troubling, ha ha, but now I have my family. I talked about mine, the doctors, and the teams tales in Afrika. Their eyes all opened with excitement and joy for me and themselves. I told them how all of us were sick at one point, except Cheyenne, who would ever think that Cheyenne would be the only one who wouldn't get sick (lol). All the stories I have to tell are all unforgettable. I look at life so differently and so grateful for what I do and don't have, and to help anyone in need who will except it and learn from it. I hope all who read mine and the teams blogs will all see and receive a gift as have I from our experiences.Love,Sara(no "h" =])


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